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The SMSF360 Administration Service

SMSF360 provides a full administration and compliance service to SMSF Trustees in both accumulation and pension phase using a clear and simple fee structure. Our expertise as a specialist SMSF service provider gives confidence to Trustees (and their advisors) to appropriately implement and manage a range of strategies that are available to use with SMSFs.

Regular reporting of fund transactions, including monthly bank reconciliation

Through automated daily data feeds, SMSF360 keeps your fund information up-to-date on a regular basis with a reconciliation of contributions, benefit payments, and income amounts undertaken monthly to provide accurate details of a member’s account balance and the overall financial position of the fund.

Ongoing monitoring of contribution limits and pension levels

With a regular processing of fund information, SMSF360 provides you with up-to-date information about contributions, pensions and the fund’s investment strategy to actively monitoring this each and every year. As part of SMSF360’s ongoing administratiuon services, we provide you with timely reporting of contributions and pensions to ensure that you remain on track and ensures that the fund trustees are managing key risks of non-compliance against these limits. You can access this information online and at anytime through the SMSF360 FundWeb

Complete the annual statutory requirements

SMSF360 will arrange for the preparation of the fund’s statutory obligations each income year including the financial statements, member’s statements, SMSF Annual return and supporting trustee minutes of decisions made by the trustees. As a registered tax agent, SMSF360 will complete and lodge the SMSF Annual Return upon completion of the fund’s independent annual audit by an ASIC approved SMSF auditor (chosen from our panel of preferred auditors).

Preparation ongoing activity statements (as required)

SMSF360 will attend to any ongoing business activity statements (BAS) for GST registered SMSFs, along with the preparation of any instalment activity statements (IAS) for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) obligations for tax instalments and/or withholding tax requirements on benefit payments where a member is between preservation age and 60 years.

Maintenance of fund investments

SMSF360 will maintain the entire capital gains tax (CGT) history of the fund’s investments, including dividend re-investment (DRP) and tax adjustments required as part of demergers, takeovers, rights issues and more.

Establishment and ongoing pension requirements

SMSF360 will prepare the necessary documentation for members who commence income streams from within their fund (including transition to retirement income streams), commutations and lump sum benefits withdrawn. In addition, SMSF360 provides documentation to support revised annual pension amounts at the start of each financial year for pension members.

Optional mailhouse solution (at no extra cost)

SMSF360 offers at no additional cost the ability to act as the mail house for all of your fund’s investment information. Rather than having a multitude of paperwork issued to you, SMSF360 will efficiently collate all of this information and provide you with online access to income statements, contract notes, ATO notices and more. Where particular paperwork requires action by you, this information is forwarded to you by paper or electronically to take the necessary action. About 25% of SMSF360 clients take advantage of our mail house solution.

Complete online access to your fund reporting and documents

SMSF360 provides online access to all of your fund information. Fund Reporting The online fund reporting provides access to up-to-date valuations of fund assets, income reports, realised and unrealised capital gains, and performance reports. In addition, you can track your contributions and pensions to ensure that the member does not inadvertently breach these limits. Fund documents SMSF360 provides a collaborative approach to accessing your fund documentation. Through your SMSF360 client box, you can access your permanent documents including trust deeds, investment strategy and death benefit nominations, along with the annual compliance documentations. SMSF360 allows you to access and share these documents online, along with the ability to simply upload documents to enable us to complete the fund’s ongoing requirements. Trustees can also now digitally sign fund documents, saving time in printing, signing and returning documents. This can now be completed in just a few simply clicks – see the digital signing video


Less than 5 investments$1,730$2,540
6 - 10 investments$2,080$2,890
11 - 15 investments$2,420$3,230
16 - 20 investments$2,770$3,580
21 - 25 investments$3,120$3,930
26 - 30 investments$3,460$4,270
31 - 40 investments$4,160$4,960
41 - 50 investments$4,850$5,660
More than 50 investmentsPOAPOA

All amounts are inclusive of GST

The above fees are payable as a 1/12th monthly payment by direct debit

For funds invested within a wrap account where we are able to obtain an automated data-feed of transactions, every 5 investments held within the wrap will count as 1 investment (rounded up) e.g. 13 = 3.

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