SMSF documents to support the needs of self-directed trustees and their advisers

SMSF360 provides a range of SMSF documentation including trust deeds, limited recourse borrowing arrangements, changes of trustee, SMSF pensions and lump sum, along with a range of other specialist trustee minutes and content including death benefits, reverses, and much more.

SMSF trust deeds

SMSF360 can assist in the preparation of establishing an SMSF or arranging for an update to an existing trust deed to ensure that you are making the most out of the many strategies available today through self-managed super funds.

SMSF borrowing

The ability to acquire property (and other assets) using a limited recourse loan is a popular strategy amongst self-managed super funds. SMSF360 provides a range of support services around in implementation of SMSF loan arrangements, including bank and related party loans.

Pensions & Lump Sums

SMSF360 provides documentation for the establishment of Account Based Pensions and Transition to Retirement Income Streams, along with a broad range of specialist documentation including commutations and the payment of superannuation death benefits.

Fund changes

SMSF360 provides support to trustees wanting to make changes to their SMSF. This includes where you may wish to change from individual trustees to a corporate trustee (or vice-versa), or simply to upgrade your trust deed to align the fund’s rules to how the super laws apply today.

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