SMSF technical expertise to help build wealth for retirement


Would your local doctor do your surgery for any injury or illness? When it comes to your SMSF, seeking out a SMSF specialist can help to improve the overall health of your SMSF. SMSF360 works with self-directed trustees and advisers to provide technical expertise and support to implement a range of SMSF strategies, along with the ability to support fund’s with compliance issues that may need to be resolved. We can support you with:


Restructuring of assets in a SMSF

SMSF360 can provide technical support to assist in the transfer of allowable assets such as listed shares, commercial property and farmland into a SMSF. With a strong understanding of the super, tax and state based laws, we can work with you to take advantage of the key strategies to consolidate wealth within a SMSF.

Acquiring or transferring property using a limited recourse borrowing arrangement

With a strong understanding of the super and tax laws, we can support the transfer of business real property into a SMSF, guiding you through the ins and outs of how to best structure the LRBA arrangement and guide you through the key obligations to successfully effect the transfer, including the use of the small business tax concessions.

Creating SMSF pension strategies

With a strong understanding the benefit payment rules, SMSF360 can support you in helping to formulate pension strategies within your SMSF that can provide tax efficiency for today and tax effectiveness for longer term estate planning strategies.

Building strategies for generational wealth transfer

As superannuation becomes one of your largest assets (if not the largest), structuring your benefits to achieve an orderly transfer of wealth in the event of a member’s death can save beneficiaries tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. At SMSF360, we work with you to understand outcomes you would like to achieve and help build post retirement strategies to suit your inter-generational goals.

Dealing with blended family relationships

Blended families come with their own unique circumstances that may require SMSF specialist support to ensure that the needs to members are achieved. SMSF360 works with leading estate planning lawyers to achieve the retirement objectives for blended families, whilst taking advantage of all the benefits that superannuation can provide.

Death Benefit Nominations and paying death benefits

SMSF360 can help you to navigate through the requirements of putting in place an appropriate death benefit nomination to ensure that your requirements and the needs to your beneficiaries are met. Our expertise extends to the ability to support trustees through the difficult time of paying death benefits, providing advice on the payment options available and additional benefits that such a payment may obtain.

When it all goes wrong!

As a specialist SMSF business, SMSF360 has helped trustees who have got themselves into compliance troubles and helped to navigate a path to get back of track. We work with self-directed trustees and advisers to help identify the key issues, provide a road map to comply and can engage with the Regulator (ATO) to find a solution for you.

Our fees in respect to any technical and strategic advice are charged on a fee-for-service basis. SMSF360 support trustees directly and work in conjunction with other financial professionals to implement key strategies and outcomes.

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