SMSF360 can provide technical support on a wide range of tax and superannuation matters, including (but not limited to):

  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements – bank financed and related party (or member-financed)
  • Contributions – including in-specie transfers
  • Benefit payments – pensions and lump sums
  • Reserves – including anti-detriment amounts and contribution reserves
  • Payment of death benefits – reversionary benefits, in-specie lump sums
  • In-house assets – pre-1999 arrangements and ungeared trusts


Our fees in respect to technical advice are charged on a fee-for service basis.


Do you require technical support for your business?

SMSF360 can offer you and your staff a SMSF technical support solution.


With SMSFs continuing to grow at significant rates, it is important that professionals have adequate support to provide their clients and prospective clients with the very best strategies SMSFs have to offer.


As a result of this growth, we are seeing increased volume in using our SMSF solution as a resource to assist advisers in dealing with client issues and providing input on strategic direction of an SMSF.   As a specialist SMSF business, we can offer significant value to you and your client’s strategies or technical issues.


With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce a new SMSF help desk as a valuable tool for financial services professionals to obtain information and assistance with technical SMSF issues, provide input on ideas and thoughts regarding SMSFs.

Five (5) response subscription

  • Adviser – $440
  • Practice/Office* – $440

* available across all advisers within your business (up to 5 responses)

This service includes:
  • Telephone support – up to 5 calls / inclusive up to 10 mins each call (additional fees may apply where longer)
  • Email Support – up to 5 emails / simple or short-form responses only (additional fees may apply for detailed analysis & responses)

* Telephone and email support is combined for the 5 response service