Lead by one of Australia's most respected SMSF specialists

Owner, Aaron Dunn

SMSF360 delivers a specialist SMSF solution that helps you to focus on the things most important to you.

Up-to-date reporting

SMSF360 provides ongoing fund administration to meet the growing needs of trustees and advisers.

100% cloud technology

Using the power of automation and collaboration to support the requirements of trustees and advisers.

SMSF Specialist support

We do more than just compliance, our skills support the SMSF strategies for today and the future.

Collaborative approach

An ability to work regularly and closely with you to meet the ongoing requirements of your SMSF.

SMSF360 Pty Ltd is a specialist Self-Managed Super Fund business that delivers a 360-degree ‘life cycle’ approach to meeting your fund’s statutory requirements. Our slogan “every step of the way” builds on our approach to working closely with you through each stage of the SMSF life cycle to achieve your retirement objectives.

As boutique SMSF specialist service provider, SMSF360 provides trustees and advisers with access to the latest industry technology, but within a more nimble and personalised solution to suit your ongoing requirements. We partner with industry experts to provide the best of what is available within the SMSF marketplace today.